Book Review: Do Big Things

Do Big Things: The Simple Steps Teams Can Make to Mobilize Hearts and Minds, and Make an Epic Impact written by Craig Ross, Angela Paccione, and Victoria Roberts focuses on activating the talent your team possesses so you can deliver on results.

The authors begin by explaining the antiquated change model depicted in most organizations:

Step 1: Announce the new initiative the company needs in order to meet lightning-quick changes in the market.
Step 2: Form teams and assign people to roles.
Step 3: Tell people what to do and give them half the resources needed to do it.
Step 4: Remind everyone of the company values (optional).
Step 5: Apply external motivations in the form of rewards or penalties.
Step 6: Try to overcome the resistance or confusion created in Steps 1 through 5.
Step 7: Identify who is to blame for missed deliverables, milestones, and budgets.
Step 8: Disband the teams or change personnel and repeat Steps 1 through 7.

Does this sound familiar? It certainly does to me and is the reason many teams are not successful, stagnate, or are dysfunctional.

The book has ten chapters and is written around the Do Big Things (DBT) Framework:

• Commit to the human imperative
• Embody success (and leverage failure)
• Choose to contribute, activate, and connect across the business
• Exercise your barrier-breaking authority
• Focus on what matters
• Energize around a shared reality
• Mobilize hearts and minds forward

Each chapter ends with a summary of “Big Ideas” and three “Recommended Actions.” In the middle of each chapter, you will find a WTF (Want the Facts) section that provides interesting and sometimes shocking statistics. Critical points are also highlighted throughout the book.

I found this book to be an easy and interesting read with some different ideas on how to engage your team to be successful. There are many real-life examples that can be used to work with and improve your team.